Help us make the world better, this car charity helps hard working people afford a ride to work.

Good Neighbor Garage’s Denver car charity mission is to serve Colorado’s working poor by providing much-needed, reliable, low-cost transportation. Donate a car and make good use of what’s sitting around.

Our program matches families in need with appropriate vehicles so they can gain or maintain full-time employment.

With your generosity and support, we can help working families in our community stay employed, support their families, & live a better life!

Why Do We Choose To Help Families In Need With Donated Cars?

At Good Neighbor Garage we believe that we are called by our Maker to love and care for our neighbors. To show the love of Christ, Good Neighbor Garage provides safe and reliable donated cars to working families in need. We believe that donated cars change lives one family at a time.

What Are The Community Benefits Of Donating A Car?

For many Coloradoans the lack of affordable, dependable transportation is a major stumbling block to full-time employment opportunities. Your car charity positively impacts families by helping them with their transportation needs. One of the chief advantages of donating cars to the Good Neighbor Garage charity is that these cars remain in our Colorado community, directly impacting lives by helping a Colorado low-income family work for a better future.

Research shows that car ownership by low-income individuals results in more hours worked, increased earnings, as well as a decrease in dependency on welfare programs. When you help a fellow Coloradoan by donating your vehicle you will get a tax break and change a life.

For questions about donating money or donating a car

Contact us at Good Neighbor Garage  by email at For questions about our Denver car charity mission or vehicle replacement program, call us and speak to our GNG program coordinator.