Donate your car in denver

Good Neighbor Garage (GNG) accepts donations of cars and other vehicles as a way to provide for the reliable transportation needs of single moms and widows in the Denver area. By donating your vehicle to the Good Neighbor Garage (GNG), you provide hope through transportation.

Vehicles donated will either be given to a qualified woman, sold to cover expenses, or sold for scrap. 

We take all cars, whether they are running or not. You don’t need to do anything except hand us your keys and title! 

GNG is a unique car donation program as it is one of few charities in Colorado which allows you to claim the full-market value of your donated car. When you donate to GNG, you can maximize your tax deduction making it a win-win for all! 

Individuals qualifying for our program can drive to work and take their kids to school, so thank you for considering donating your vehicle to Good Neighbor Garage! Click here to start the donation process

If you have additional questions, or if you would like to find out more about donating your vehicle to Good Neighbor Garage, please contact us at (720) 941-5897 or email GNG at

After receiving emergency custody over my three little cousins who are 4 month, two years and 4 years, I could no longer transport everyone in my sedan (I also have three kids of my own). So it was a true blessing to receive this van. Thank you for thinking of others. May the Lord bless you and keep you.
- Bell family