Request a car - ***please note that as of 9/14/18, we are not taking additional vehicle placement applications for a period of time so that we can serve the 15 women who are currently on the waiting list. Please check back with this site periodically to look for updates.***

The aim of the Good Neighbor Garage Vehicle Placement Program is to support single women in need on their road to self-sufficiency. 

One way we do this is by placing vehicles with qualified recipients. 

If you are in need of a car, please look through these requirements to see if you qualify before calling our Hope & Care Team: 

  • You must be a single woman in need.

  • You must live in Jefferson County

  • You must be employed and provide 2 [most recent] months proof of income

  • Have a valid Colorado Driver’s License

  • Show proof of insurance or be able to be insured

  • Provide current Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) - verifying license is valid. If you have record of a DUI/DWAI in the past 5 years, we are unable to place a vehicle in that case.

  • Be able to pay the average $700 - $1,400 placement fee (sorry, we are not able to accept payments)

  • Turn in any currently owned working or non-working vehicle. We are unable to place vehicles as a second family vehicle.

Our Process

  1. If you meet the guidelines above, please call our Hope & Care Team at (303) 551-0307 (available 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. Monday - Friday) to start the process.

  2. Once approved to move forward, please mail or email (1) proof of income, (2) copy of driver's license, and (3) your motor vehicle record. Our program manager will review your application once it is all received, then set up an appointment so we can meet you.

    • Mailing Address: GNG / Hands, 16097 S Golden Rd. Golden, CO 80401

    • Email:

  3. Following your interview you will be notified if the program is a good fit.

  4. Approved candidates will be placed on a waiting list subject to individual needs and the available cars